Admin Username And Password Router Guide { 192.168.l.l }


Router Ip Admin ID ANd PAss : IP address one of the default gateway for most of the wireless routers or ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber liner ) modems. There are other IP main addresses that a router can take, but is the most common one comparing with other IP addresses like or . These are commonly known as HOST addresses. Admin Username And Password Router Guide { 192.168.l.l }


To get access for your router fill the browser’s address bar with Once you get the access of your router admin panel you can make changes regarding IP Qos, DNS, Proxy ,LAN, WAN, Network management, security options WLAN Settings PPPOE, MAC, WPS, DSL, and DHCP client.

How to Login In IP Address

1.   Type manually into your browser’s address bar. If this is not your router’s IP address. Find your IP address on the label of your router

2.   Enter your username and password to access your router.

3.   Sometimes you may not remember  your username and password details, follow the   instructions below.

 What you have to do if you forgot your router’s username and password ?

1,     If you forgot your username and password and if you never changed it, try to find them in the label along with router’s serial number and login address.

2.     If you changed your password and forgot it you have to reset the router or modem to factory settings, There will be a hidden reset button on every model of wireless router or ADSL modem. TO turn the router back to factory settings, you need to hold the button for 10 seconds using a needle or some other equipment.



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