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Instagram Beta- Exclusively for the social techies

The definition of social media platforms has traversed much longer than we have ever noticed. From the day when Zuckerberg started it all with the Facebook hype, until now when filers, snapshots, and live sessions are winning hearts, influencers are celebrities and people are addicted to their social media accounts, we have come a really long way.

Platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram aren’t just a fun way of living now, they have turned into necessities and addiction. That is why the developers are constantly trying to make the app better or improved user experience. Especially Instagram has turned out to be one of the most amazing ways of capturing and sharing moments. You can discover accounts from all over the world and follow your friends and family to find out what they are up to.

All about Instagram

Instagram gives you the liberty to join the community of 800 million people and express your social side while sharing out all the moments of your day. Post something about your latest trip, be a food blogger, throw all the selfie sass, use highlights or everything in between. You can also edit your photos on your profile grid through creative tools and combine multiple clips into one single video. You just can’t share multiple photos and videos, but you can also bring them to life with drawing and text tools. Use gifs, stickers, location, date, time or mention, someone, you can explore tons of things when you use Instagram.

You can go live and connect with your friends and followers. When you are done, your live-stories also disappear just like the disappearing photos in the DMs. You can make your account private if you are way too concerned about the security issues and the persons who are following you will only be able to see your posts and stories. Plus you can discover photos, stories and videos of your interest, like and follow new accounts and see your favorite celebrities if you check out the Explore tab. Isn’t that awesome?

Instagram Android beta program

Although the Instagram app for Android is much behind the curve when it comes to the new features, the beta program has promisingly brought some brand new features for the Android program even before iOS. If you are a tech freak along with being a social animal then there is no better alternative than the beta version of Instagram.

While you enroll for the Instagram Android beta program you get the opportunity to get early access to the upcoming versions of the app. Although the beta versions are still in development, have issues and so are updated multiple times per week, but they are worth giving a shot. You can join the beta program to give early feedback and improve your favorite social media handle for yourself as well as everyone.

BETA apps are usually the unofficial versions of an application that is still undergoing development stages. You can say that the beta app is the version released for the developers to test bugs and report them to the app developer for correction. Nevertheless, Instagram developers have also made the beta version of the app public for the people to join and test bugs and errors.

Fun fact here is that testing is optional and not compulsory. Once you can join the beta testing program you can enjoy the unreleased features anyways. But it should be also kept in mind that the beta versions are unstable as compared to the normal versions of the app because of the bugs and glitches in them so test the apps on your own risk. Testing the app helps the programmers to find out whether the changes in the app will be accepted by the public c or not.

What Instagram beta has to offer?

For people who are a bit on the verge of over-expecting, they should know that the version hasn’t brought any redesigns or some drastic new features. The app is simply modified for better user experience along with some simple changes that can transform the outdated image of Insta and make it a more popular choice.

The first feature about which the users are quite interested includes the dark theme toggle in Android 10. The dark mode makes your Instagram interface pure black with white accents or the various logos and buttons. The dark mode isn’t just limited to the home page only as the feature extends to the different pages on the app, the Explore tab, IGTV and also direct messages. The theme looks great because of its polished appearance. If you are using the beta version, then the dark mode ensures that you stress your eyes less and save more battery. Now scroll your feed all day and save your power because the dark mode has your back.

Besides that, there will be fewer crashes because the app is already tested by others. You can enjoy a smooth interface along with some cool features like new filters and stickers. The live feature is improvised and you can also include filters in your live session for a more fun experience. What else can anyone want? Although Instagram has its reputation for the constantly changing and switching algorithm, adding new features and keeping the users on their toes, but this time the app has planned not to notoriously roll out the features without checking them. Along with the old features, you also get brand new features like that of anti-bullying profile restrictions, Instagram email checkers, stories countdown timer and much more.

How to get Instagram beta apk for android?

Users are essentially given an avenue to download the beta application and so downloading Instagram beta for android isn’t as difficult as it seems. These are the steps to download the Instagram beta from the Android play stores. Have a look!

  • Open Google play store from your device.
  • In the play store, you simply need to join the beta testers group by signing up through your mail address.
  • Then you need to tap on become a tester in the Google store.
  • Download the beta app from the Play store to enjoy the beta feature you need to update your normal live on to the beta test app.
  • Turn on the automatic updates so as to enable the frequent updates o the app. Updates arrive multiple times in a week as the beta apps are launched in their elementary state.
  • You can then submit the feedback as well to make the app better.

How to download Instagram Beta for iOS?

Just like other fields, iOS also has a distinguished approach or the beta version of the apps as well and Instagram is no exception to it. Here are the steps to install the Instagram beta on your iPhone. Run through!

  • Open the beta application in a browser on the link one you need to click sing up on the Apple BETA page and then register with your Apple ID, following the signup or registration.
  • Login to the Beta software program then download and install the configuration.
  • You will successfully get the beta version in your settings under general.

Download your beta version and start exploring! You can easily leave any of these programs by opening the play store or diving into the site of the Apple beta program, but before you do so make sure that you have seen every bit of the app and checked the features to the fullest. Otherwise, what’s the whole point of downloading an app full of glitches? Instagram has a lot to offer, but only if you know how to use the features you can be an influencer or who knows maybe a great tester. Try the brand new features and find out what interests you the most.

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